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About RBM Public School, Bikaner

RBM was Established in 1980 since 33 years ago. It is the pioneer in private school inside Bikaner city. The Insttute got Ist rank two times in year 1996 & 2000 for its excellent performance in education. It is selected by Government of Rajasthan as a highly reputed school of Rajasthan. Now in year 2012 the school is coming with the concept of Online Bagless Education for the very first time in Rajasthan.

     Our Building is sprawling over 14000 sq. feet area with a huge attached play ground adn all modern class infrastructural facilities. RBM is the pioneer of Hi-tech online Bagless school in Rajasthan that provides stressfree education to your child where they can explore understand and enjoy learning. It is completly based on CBSE pattern and provides easy learning.

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,
       You are looking for the right kind of school and your choice will have a life-long influence in your child as his education depends on the environment of the school, pattern and programme of education and the commitment of the Management and Staff. You want your child a lover and seeker of knowledge and truth, developing his hidden talents, growing with good character, preparing him to face the challenges of life i...
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The Bagless Concept

From last few years government have realized that students are carrying heavy bags to and from the school so these heavy bags giving them so much phycial stress so rbm public school is being developed as a bagless school .Being bagless does not mean parents are in the dark about what the child is learning in school. One set of books will be given to the students for home study and books needed in school will be provided by school itself .The children take home the sheets that they write in school everyday...
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